Safety and Reliability

When ever it comes to the improving of quality using testing methods in different industries, the improvement methods are mainly focused on to the betterment of technical aspects like intrinsic capability of the testing methods. However, these ways of improving the testing methods only from the technical aspects are still lacking other aspects as explained from modular model such as the human factors and applications factors under the organizational context, due to several challenges.

When these factors have to be considered during the performance evaluation of testing methods, there lies a lot of uncertainities in properly accounting for different factors. Hence, one of the better ways is to reduce these factors by using advanced technologies under the context of NDE 4.0. However, in order to implement the advanced technologies as obtained from either industry 4.0 or NDE 4.0, it is equally important to understand the performance or capabilities or reliability of the existing systems. This helps in knowing better ways to implement the new technologies and also for easy comparison with the prior.